Ae dil hain muskhil (it’s difficult to live without you, O my heart)

I remember that day.

One of the many dates where we went to watch a late night movie. We went to watch this movie called Ae dil hain muskhil, which is a romantic Hindi movie.

The movie is a about a guy who struggles to move on from this girl who he loved ( who co-incidentally is also one of his closest friends, which is exactly the situation I am in too now. Hahahahahaha.).

And when this song started playing in the movie, I heard a lot of sob’s and felt my shirt get wet almost suddenly. And then I looked at her innocent face while I was wiping off tears of her face. And I was trying to cheer her up by saying, baby it’s just a movie.

But she still continued to cry for a while, said look at him baby, he is so sad.

That’s how innocent and caring she was about a fictional character! Imagine how caring she was about me once upon a  time :)? And how could I not fall in love with this cutie?


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